Thursday, September 17th, 2020. 7:30am

We have done it together!

20,687 signatures!

This is the first time that so many Barça members participate in a vote of no confidence that arise from its basis. No other motion of censure or mobilization of Barça members has ever brought together so many diverse groups. But above all, never another similar initiative had achieved such a high participation.

This movement is not only limited to Catalonia. Since July, when Cor Blaugrana launched this website, we began to receive support from all over the world. Members and fans contacted us to offer their help, under different conditions. We are very happy and proud to have started this effort, which later became the first integrative and unitary motion of censure in the history of Futbol Club Barcelona.

We have many more battles to fight. Do you want to fight with us?

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