This social movement, which has resulted in this successful motion of censorship, has been started and nurtured from the digital world. The best proof of that is that, in 3 weeks, we have reached +400,000 visits to our website. These visits have been made by +150,000 people, of which +100,000 are residents of Catalonia and Spain.

The best day for our web visits was, precisely, the day before the delivery of the signatures to the Club. Thus, last Wednesday, September 16, we had 75,000 visits to the web. The day we received a DDOS attack, we recovered in a few hours. That day we closed it with more than 30,000 web visits.

The impact of the world of social media has also been overwhelming. Only on Twitter we have had more than 8 million impressions of our publications. And on Instagram, despite being a channel for younger people, we skirted 200,000 impressions in two weeks. Thus, from the digital world we have managed to mobilize Barça members, whom have responded in an incredible way.